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Our story

We started out as an affiliates in the industry in 2010. Success comes easy to those who do what they love, so the exciting and colorful journey has lead us to AdGoals.

During our growth, we have gained valuable knowledge and priceless experience. Since nothing is ever finished – we will always continue developing our platform, keeping up with the industry trends.

Our principles

Performance, simplicity and transparency are the words to describe us best. In order to deliver an impeccable service you have to put yourself to your client’s shoes – so we did.

We have built our platform and service to match our partners’ needs.

Our company

AdGoals is much more than just a place to work. We for our employees and we see ourselves more like a family.

We offer our team members numerous benefits among the obvious good conditions in the comfortable and stylish work environments, flexibility and motivating salaries.

Kayli Filatova

CEO, Co-Founder

A disciplined communicator and manager with a secret passion for art and fashion.

Marion Vooglaid

CFO, Co-Founder

A highly experienced affiliate marketer who happens to be really good at Monopoly.

Marek Martins


First to arrive, last to leave the office. Rumors say he even dreams in lines of code.

Chrtistine Ella

Advertiser Account Manager

Her personality shines brighter than all the stars in the universe combined.

Sergei Rudz

Marketing Specialist

An aspiring super-affiliate who never stops ranting about the human mind.


We're hiring!

We're constantly looking for talented people from all around the world. Get in touch!